“Thread Lift” Non-invasive Facelift

Sompetch Surgery Clinic Chiangmai present the new treatment called Thread lift, is the new alternative procedure to face lift which is performed to tighten cheeks, midface and eyebrows. It offers all the benefits of face lift without any risks and downtime. In Thread lift procedure there is no anesthesia and no long recovery period. The thread-lift procedure involves placing a special thread below the skin to the aging skin, tissue and anchor it underneath the hairline to give the patient a more youthful look. Once the procedure is completed patients are asked not to make big facial expressions and take precautions while sleeping. Thread lift procedure takes about half an hour and patients can resume their normal activities in a couple of days. The result of thread lift procedure lasts for 2-3 years. The Thread lift procedure has few drawbacks as with any other surgery, like bruising and swelling for 2-3 days.


Special price at 4,500 THB ( Regular price is 7,000 THB )

for smooth PDO thread lift at a small area eg. crow feet, an area between eyebrows

Special price at 7,000 ( Regular price is 12,000 THB )

for smooth PDO thread lift at a medium area eg. upper face, lower face

Special price at 19,900 THB ( Regular price is 28,000 THB )

for cog PDO thread lift at Lower face

For smooth PDO thread lift rejuvenation results are gradually due to they work at skin layer, Their stimulate the collagen synthesis to provide new collagen and youthful skin. Therefore you can see results in 2-4 weeks

For cog PDO thread lift, the result of lifting can be seen immediately after done due to they pull up skin, connective tissues and muscle. And they also stimulate the collagen synthesis to provide new collagen and youthful skin

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