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Sompetch Surgery Clinic Chiangmai present the injection of medications, vitamins and minerals, injected into the dermis with a fine needle to dissolve fat cells and increase the metabolism of fat cells around the area of treatment (eg. belly, thigh, back, cheek, calf, arm). This is a painless procedure and there are no side effects. The results can be seen in seven days after the first injection.

Mesotherapy is currently being touted as a nonsurgical, permanent method for fat removal and body contouring. It was first developed in France in 1952 to treat vascular and lymphatic disorders. However, it was discovered that depending on the different substances injected, Mesotherapy can also be useful in treating chronic pain, hair loss (Alopecia), bone and joint disorders and psoriasis. More recently, with the discovery that body fat can be reduced with the injection of certain substances, Mesotherapy is widely being used to help with weight loss, cellulite reduction, body sculpting, wrinkle removal, hair loss treatment and facial rejuvenation.


2,500 THB./syringes one area of treatment , eg. belly or two thighs, need 1-2 syringes, Usually can lose weight 2-4 kg/2 weeks)

Before and After Mesotherapy fat reduction injection , lose weight 6 kg after 2 weeks of injection
Cont. Before and After a full treatment of body and face, can lose weight every 2-3 kg in every 1 week

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