Apart from the type and quality of grafting materials, the competence of the surgeon is paramount in determining the outcome of rhinoplasty. Cosmetic rhinoplasty can be considered an art which requires the surgeon to have highly specialized skills and genuine understanding of the facial features and their overall harmony, in addition to the sensitivity to patients’ wish and desire. Often, the rhinoplasty techniques in the past are inadequate. Outcome that looks unnatural, too prominent nasal bridge, transparent skin due to silicones sharp end – these are examples of how the early methods of cosmetic rhinoplasty fall short in meeting patients’ expectations. The new and improved technique which now helps to address the disadvantages of the older procedures is the way of augmentation rhinoplasty. At Sompetch Aesthetic Clinic, our surgeon currently employs this highly popular and sophisticated technique to ensure the best possible result and your satisfaction. Moreover

Comparing to the old techniques, this technique regularly surprises patients as it delivers much superior beauty. The difference lies in the procedures which comprise not only just the insertion of the silicone. We intend to provide you with the information of the methods as well as the prices in this section of our website.

Augmentation rhinoplasty, S-09 silicone (especially soft and natural-looking) 38,000.-
Reducing the size of the nose wing (Korean style) 20,000.-
Revision rhinoplasty (to correct unsatisfactory outcome from elsewhere), S-09 silicone 41,000.-
Humpectomy (hump removal) please contact counter.

Augmentation rhinoplasty with auricular cartilage graft 48,000.-
Augmentation rhinoplasty with lower lateral cartilage rapair 58,000.-
Augmentation rhinoplasty with septal cartilage graft 68,000.-
Augmentation rhinoplasty with lower lateral cartilage repair and septal graft 88,000.-
Augmentation rhinoplasty with lower laterl cartilage repair ,auricular and septal graft 108,000.-
Augmentation rhinoplasty with lower laterl cartilage repair ,auricular and septal graft 108,000.-
Upper or Lower Blepharoplasty 38,000.-
Face Lift 100,000.-
Neck Lift 100,000.-
Chin augmentation 41,000.-
Juvederm injection 13,000.-/1 syringe
Botox injection start 4,000.-
Mesotherapy for fat and cellulite reduction (one area of treatment , eg. belly or two thighs, need 1-2 syringes, Usually can lose weight 2-4 kg/2 weeks)

Prices include all charges

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